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A Greek and English Lexicon; adapted to the authors read in the ...

1;, й, thc making of lm image; the forming of a representation; specihcatinn.] mma., ‚а ... 0rship per of idols ; nn From лит, and Adri-erg, щ, â, ri, a servant. Ездить ...

Ancient Words Greek New Testament - Page 557 - Google Books Result

1 know, remember 1493 είδωλεϊον, ου, τό 11.11. ει temple for an image 1494 ... ου, 6 n.m. a worshipper of an image 1497 81610710v, 06, 16 n.n. an idol, false ...

Letters in the Roman Catholic Controversy

Let us now hear the Fathers against the use of images in the worship of God. ... God forbids as well the making as the worshipping of nn idol, — the divine law ...

Brand-image — с латинского на все языки

of/belonging to idols/image of pagan god, idol-; idolatrous; heretical; pagan ... idoli N N. specter, apparation; image, form; idol (eccl.), image of pagan god.

A Modern Greek and English Lexicon: To which is Prefixed an Epitome ...

B3n-Maire”, и, s. m. an idolater, a worshipper of idols or images. Eiâumpmía, ar, s. f. a ... Eisma-iis, об, s.nn. a painter, drawer, one who represents by figures.

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